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Skyloft by Melantha963

Shabby lil thing I made for the Mistral Jamboree Fanzine.
Happy Mistral Jamboree 2k15!


FR: Steex // ID: 123287


Finally finished this after three days /o/ and it’s not even good *cries*
But there you have it, Tidepotato waterbending like the Water tribe member god of the oceans he is.

I’ll be working on the rest of the First Four.


Official AU discussion thread // art thread



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I am a girl with no life other than going to school, drawing fanart, reading fanfiction of various ratings, playing games and tormenting my little sister to hell and back. That is all you need to know in order to be able to communicate decently with me.

Current residence: On a 132,187 km2 wide overpopulated island
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything
Favourite style of art: Shifts accordingly with media influence
Operating System: Windows FTW
Current favourite quote: "The world doesn't owe you anything. You'll have to earn it."
Time for a quiz.

Stolen from :iconskitzopheliac:
Fandom: League of Legends

1. The first character(s) you fell in love with:
Singed--the very first champion who caught my eye. Karthus followed soon after, and the rest of the Shadow Isles came with him.

2. The character you never expected to love as much as you do now:
Urgot and Jarvan, especially the former. The 'ugliest' champion by consensus happens to be one with a backstory I can symphatize with more than I thought, and the sweet prince, whose sheer awesomeness I've only recently realized. You rock, Jay-Money.

3. The character everyone else loves that you don't [like as much]:
Master Yi. Just... Master Yi. I like him as a character but as a champion he's just ridiculous. Same goes for Katarina.

4. The character you love that everyone else hates:
Urgot. Explained in question number 2.

5. The character you would shag (means have sex or fuck) anytime:
...Thresh. Don't ask.

6. The character you'd want to be like:
Mordekaiser. Control over metal, lord of the undead, huehueing as he pleases. Sounds like a good (un)life.

7. The character you'd slap:
I don't think I'd want to slap anyone... maybe Kassadin for being such a stuck up ass about the Void :T

8. A pairing(s) that you love:
There's just too many to mention. I ship TF/Evelynn. I ship TF/Graves. Then there's Zed/Syndra, and Shaco/Nocturne/Fiddlesticks, and Renekton/Nasus (added with Azir now that he's been introduced). Not to mention how I cross-ship all male Shadow Islers. There are a lot of ships in my arsenal, and some of them surprise even myself. And then there are cracky stuff like Singed/Nami and Nasus/Thresh... I'm not even sorry.

9. A pairing that you despise:
Ahri/Sona (the reason most people ship this is purely for the fanservice... sorry, but I don't think there's any chemistry between the two of them. It's alright if you ship it, just don't tell me to adopt the ship as well, because I won't.)

10. Favorite characters:
Every single Shadow Isler, all Voidborn (Malzahar and Kassadin came from Valoran, they don't count), every single Zaunite, the entire Fear Trio, Karma, Urgot, Jarvan IV, etc.

11. What are your five favorite things about the fandoms.
1. All the awesome things the game gives us - lore, cinematic, design, art, music, etc.
2. How there will still be decent people despite the majority of toxic players.
3. Riot is a company filled with awesome people.
4. The memes.
5. The bloody memes. And all the pop culture references.

12. What are your five least favorite things about the fandom.
1. Ignorant, negative, toxic people (leaver, feeder, rager, griefer, quitter, flamer, etc. they're all the same to me - insta report, no questions asked).
2. Ship bashing. I'm okay with you not liking a ship or vice versa, but please don't force anyone else to agree with you. It's rude.
3. Uhhh...
4. I think that's about it?
5. Does in-game lag count.

13. Who are your five favourite characters (in order!)?
1. Karthus (MY BABY <3333)
2. Thresh (excuse you but this is the hottest 'zombie' I've ever seen)
3. Singed (first champion I really took interest in)
4. Nautilus (Final Eclipse bred interest; A New Dawn just solidified it <3)
5. Urgot (...I've had this explained)

14. Who are your five least favourite characters.
1. Gragas (no offense, I just don't like him)
2. Mundo (see above)
3. Katarina (see above; him (her))
4. Caitlyn (I honestly think she's overrated)
5. Ahri (see Caitlyn)

15. What are your five favourite pairings. (ONLY FIVE WTF)
1. Hecarim/Thresh (as moirails or matesprits)
2. Karthus/Thresh (pref matesprit, maybe a hint of kismesis)
3. Mordekaiser/Sona (...if you don't like this or at least think it's cute, I'm totally judging you)
4. Rengar/Kha'Zix (excuse you but have you seen the official art of Kha's butt it's glorious)
5. Nasus/Thresh (I... I blame that trio of very well-written fanfic...)

16. What are your five least favourite pairings.
1. Ahri/Sona (sorry, but I don't do yuri fanservice-based ships)
2. Rengar/Nidalee (renbelongswithkhaokayendofdiscussion)
3. Syndra/Irelia (I'm okay with anyone who ships it, but I don't)
4. Tibbers/Annie (guys. please. just. please. NO.)
5. Anyone/Gnar in a strictly erotic relationship (same reason with Annie... have a heart yo)

17. Which character are you most like.
Depends. IRL I'd be Shaco - that creepy little shit who derives pleasure from exploiting other people's fears. Online I'm more of a Karma who tries to get along with everyone :T basically the closer you are to me (in terms of relationship, not distance) the more I am of a Shaco to you.

18. What is your deep, dark fandom secret.
I want to see Azir in a threesome with Nasus and Renekton. I blame his slender body okay. Actually he's not the only one I want to see in a gay threesome. Goddamn I need help.

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